The Community Development and Services Office (CDSO) is responsible for implementing the community extension programs of the institution. Moreover, this office initiates, organizes, monitors and evaluates the extension services rendered by different departments, programs and clubs towards the attainment of the vision, mission and goals of NDTC.

The CDSO functions under the flagship “NTDC-CARES Program”. The acronym C.A.R.E.S. stands for “Community Assistance and Rural Enhancement”. This program capsulized the overall operation and thrust of NDTC in producing ‘highly competent graduates imbued with Christian and desirable Filipino values, sense of social responsibility and integrity’. By implementing various programs, CDSO helps the adopted communities enhance their quality of life.

CDSO takes full advantage of partnerships and collaboration with different stakeholders, such as students, personnel and alumni. Moreover, NDTC is an accredited Non-Government Organization (NGO) of the LGU-Tacurong. Through CDSO, the NDTC maintains its close connection with the city government in terms of initiatives concerning social transformation and community enhancement.

Vision and Mission


The Community Development and Services Office envisions making the adopted communities empowered and resilient.


The mission of the Community Development and Services Office is to instill a sense of social responsibility among students and personnel and to aid communities in enhancing their well-being and thriving social, economic and environmental conditions.

Primary Objectives

The Community Development and Services Office has the following objectives:

  1. To design programs that are responsive, pertinent and sustainable to empower NDTC’s adopted community;
  2. To create a unified framework for the implementation of community engagement-related activities by the institution, departments and organizations;
  3. To establish collaboration with local government units, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders in implementing programs.