CHRISTIAN: The Notre Dame of Tacurong College is an Institution fundamentally committed to the person of Christ, the model of all believers. It is a community whose life in Christ draws the members, administrators, teachers and students together in unity of faith and love. It aspires to communicate and integrate Gospel Values in its educational programs and community development.

ECUMENICAL: Though basically Christian in orientation, Notre Dame of Tacurong College recognizes and respects the varied socio-cultural groups in its setting. Its presence in a largely pluralistic culture opens its door to the acceptance and development of people of variant creed and ethos. It also fosters ecumenical freedom and unity in religious diversity.

FILIPINO: Aware of the richness of the cultural Filipino heritage, Notre Dame of Tacurong College seeks to foster a true sense of national pride and identity responsive to the changing needs and conditions of the immediate community and the nation.

DIOCESAN: As a tool of evangelization, Notre Dame of Tacurong College is faithfully committed to the realization of the Diocesan thrust of building Christian communities. In its vital role as a center of formation, the College participates in apostolic service to the human family and the church.

MARIAN: Notre Dame of Tacurong College believes in the Blessed Virgin Mary as the protector and patroness of the school. It aspires to foster devotion to Her as Mother of the Academic Community and of all mankind.