The College of Nursing of Notre Dame of Tacurong College is established to help carry out the ideals, vision and mission of the institution.  It is committed to provide quality nursing service to society by producing excellent nursing graduates imbued with Christian and desirable Filipino values thus enabling the nurses to lead a wholesome life as model professional nurses.

 Specific Objectives: 
  1. Provide students with general education and innovative learning opportunities facilitative of developing critical thinking, communication skills and competence in consonance with the school motto “Integrity, Leadership and Service”.
  2. Produce highly competent, compassionate, committed, caring, conscientious, and globally competitive professional nurses.
  3. Inculcate a deep sense of mission and service to mankind.
  4. Equip nurses with requisite skills in research, administration and involvement in local, national and international affairs and issues which have impact on health care delivery to help alleviate the state of health care system in depressed and neglected communities and barangays.
  5. Provide knowledge, skills, and attitude that will equip the students a wider perspective of health and illness from the biological, psychological, socio-cultural, ethico-moral and spiritual dimensions.