Central Student Council

The CSC is the highest legitimate governing body of the student government. It takes is authority from the sovereignty in the student body. The CSC must foster the spirit of moral, respect, understanding, and cooperation among the six (6) components of the academic community namely, the administration, the family non-teaching school personnel, parents, student body and the school itself.

Departmental Clubs

  • Finance Club
  • Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines – Student Edition
  • Junior Hoteliers and Retaurateurs Association
  • Junior Mentors Club
  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  • Junior Philippine Marketing Association
  • Junior Social Worker Association of the Philippines
  • Peace Maker Club
  • Philippine Nursing Student Association
  • Philippine Society of Information Technology Students
  • Union of Political Science Students

Social Clubs

  • Association of Student Personnel Assistant
  • Book Lovers Club
  • Catechetical Guild
  • Cantores et Sesyonistas
  • Junior Ecologist Movement
  • Kristyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan
  • Muslim Student Organization
  • Peer Councilors Club
  • Youth Servant Leaders Club


  • Teatro Balintataw
  • Vantage View