(PAASCU Accredited Level III)

General Objective

The Notre Dame of Tacurong College High School Department is a Catholic school which aims to continue to develop and enhance the basic knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of the students in the light of Christian values that will help them prepare for college endeavor and for the world of work.

Specific Objectives

  1. Cultivate and nurture the Catholic Christian values through active participation in the life of the church.
  2. Develop the love of country and deep sense of appreciation of Filipino heritage and culture.
  3. Provide quality  instruction to develop critical thinking and basic research skills needed for college education
  4. Develop physical fitness through varied and meaningful sports activities.
  5. Provide opportunities to develop basic technological and vocational skills that will prepare them to become responsible adults.
  6. Develop refinement in bearing, language, manners and self-respect indicative of unique NDTCian identity.
  7. Foster the sense of social responsibility through active participation in civic and cultural endeavors of the community.