The seal of NDTC is a reflection of its vision-mission and unique tradition of dedicated service to the community.
On top of the shield is a cross and within the shield is an open book held by two hands and lighted by a small torch, representing Christianity, education and service. This indicates NDTC’s commitment to provide quality Catholic education to the youth of Sultan Kudarat and its environ.
Traversing the vast fields, is the profile of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a representation of the Marian element of the school.
Prominent in the middle of the logo is a salakot or talakudong, a head covering, from which Tacurong got its name. Underneath the talakudong is a vast field in the eastern horizon, where the three major crops: rice, corn and african oil are growing. This reflects the agricultural setting of Tacurong, in which NDTC plays a significant role in its development.
Gilding the brim of the Talakudong is a finely split bamboo that best represents the desirable Filipino values which NDTC vowed to inculcate in the minds of the students.
The human figures within the boundaries of the area represent the various socio-cultural groups that mirror the pluralistic culture of the region, recognized and respected by NDTC.
Enlaced underneath the shield is the school motto “INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP and SERVICE”.