Vision Statement

“The Notre Dame of Tacurong College, a Catholic school, envisions to be a leading institution in Central Mindanao in terms of quality education, development programs and updated technology in consonance with its commitment to a dynamic and transformational leadership role in the society it serves.”

Mission Statement

“The mission of Notre Dame of Tacurong College is to produce highly competent graduates imbued with Christian and desirable Filipino values, sense of social responsibility and integrity; and to assume active leadership role in the locality and academic community through relevant and responsive programs, creative organizational strategies and pastoral collaboration with the local church.”


Owned and managed by the Archdiocese of Cotabato, Notre Dame of Tacurong College stands out from other colleges and universities because of its unique history, tradition and heritage. The school was opened by the Oblate Fathers (OMI) in 1950, but metamorphosed into a full blown college under the three waves of administration, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), the Marist Brothers of the Schools and the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Sienna. Through the years, despite these waves of transition in the school administration, NDTC has humbly retained its identity of a service institution to the locality, not only in terms of education but also in other aspects of endeavor: socially, spiritually and culturally.
In response to the educational needs of the locality, NDTC offers a complete formal education from pre-school to post graduate studies as well as non-traditional education.

Its commitment to provide relevant quality Catholic education is manifested through its well-balanced academic and vocational education program. The emphasis is not only in the acquisition of basic skills and specialized professional competence but also in the development of Christ-centered persons who are capable of being leaven for Christian living and socially responsible citizens prepared to assume leadership with integrity in society. In addition, the college seeks to explore ways by which academic excellence may be enhanced by the state-of-the-art information and communication technology. While broadening intellectual horizons of the students, NDTC at the same time provides enriching opportunities through its practicum programs, experiential and research activities so they are better prepared to enter the world of work. Hand in hand with this, the students are exposed to a leadership role that nourishes and transforms so they can be effective agents of change in society.

Located in culturally pluralistic society, NDTC believes in the great significance of religious values found in diverse cultural system. Hence, it seeks to develop among the students the respect for religious conviction and cultural diversity as well as pride in the Filipino culture.

NDTC’s commitment to academic excellence is complemented by a commitment to serve the underprivileged and its community as a whole. This commitment is expressed in the varied extension programs and a wide range of community projects that help in the development of the locality as well as the development of a sense of social responsibility of the students, faculty and staff.
Humble was her beginning, but determined to respond to the community’s quest for Christian quality education, NDTC is thus dedicated to the total development of the person that may prepare him to an enlightened, productive and responsible Christian living.